Even as a young child, Liza Kane was drawn to real estate.

“One of my favorite childhood memories is visiting open houses with my mother and grandmother. Walking through the front door of these homes had its own sort of magic. I loved seeing how other people decorated and cared for their homes,” Liza says.

Liza may be able to credit a lot of her passion for real estate to genetics. Her mother has an interior design business and her grandparents owned Adams Antiques in downtown Greensboro for many years. “I was raised with an understanding that people often see their homes as an extension of themselves; a place that contains a lot of emotion and attachment. Taking into consideration the details of what can make people feel happy in their space is really important.”

This inherent respect for the value that a home has in a family’s life, along with life-long roots in the Greensboro community, made becoming a REALTOR© a natural career choice for Liza. With her calm demeanor, attentive disposition and southern hospitality, you’ve got the makings of a perfect client/agent match.

“My ultimate goal is to make sure my clients choose a house they can call home.” Liza says. “It’s important to listen to their needs and wants, but to understand their hopes and dreams. I will do everything to ensure my clients have the home that meets their criteria, and always with their best interests in mind.”

Yep - sounds like the perfect real estate match to us.

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